Crypto Trading Machine Manual Indicator System:

(this is the main system you purchased)

(for those who purchased this additional automation software)

If you've already purchased the "Crypto Trading Machine AUTOMATOR (EA) add-on":

If you did not already purchase the Automator (EA) add-on learn more and access now: Click Here

BROKERS who provide Metatrader (MT4): 

If you do not already have a Broker the following provide Metatrader (MT4)
(NOTE: We are simply listing these as ones that will work with our software. We are not endorsing any specific broker as these are third party entities that we do not own or control and cannot guarantee your experience with them. You are responsible to do your own due-diligence. You may also search Google for a broker that provides Metatrader and allows you to trade the markets that you wish to trade with our software.)

Cryptos, Forex, and More (the following can be used for both the manual system and Automator)

PaxForex (USA and All other Countries - Bitcoin, EthereumForex, more)

AvaTrader (Non-USA Countries,  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Forex)

XM Trading Group (Non-USA Countries - Forex, Stocks, Metals, more - No Cryptos at this time)

Oanda (USA Customers - Forex, Commodities, Bonds and more - No Cryptos at this time)

CoinbaseA Crypto Currency Only Platform Regulated in the United States and available to residents of 32 Countries.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The system can only be traded MANUALLY in Coinbase.
If you have the Automator (EA) add-on you can use it for signals that generate alerts so that you can manually enter the trades into your Coinbase account..

Additionally coinbase is not Metatrader compatible and therefore you'll need a free copy of Metatrader (MT4) from another broker, that provides crypto currency quotes, to run our software which will generate the signals and alert you to potential trades that you can then manually trade in your Coinbase account.

Here are more.. Please be sure they accept traders from your country and that they offer "Metatrader (MT4)" and the ability to trade the markets you're interested in:

If AFTER reading the User Guide you still have any installation or other technical issues contact our support at:

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